[This interview was originally posted on April 26, 2010.] 

Last month we nearly burned ourselves out at SXSW but our hectic schedule was no match for Bear Hands‘  intense tour calendar (which continues throughout the spring.) The Friday after arriving back in New York from Texas I sat down with lead singer Dylan Rau and guitar/percussionist Ted Feldman of Bear Hands prior to their sold-out headlining gig at Glasslands.

Check out what they had to share with us in the interview below. In case you missed it, check out my review of Bear Hands kick ass gig at Glasslands with Lissy Trullie and Holy Ghost! HERE.

> You guys just came back from SXSW, what as that experience like?
TF: It was a pleasure for the most part. It was a whirlwind, being at the end of our 5-week tour. On one hand it was nice to be in one place for a few days and see a lot of friends, but we were already exhausted when we got there and played 6 shows in 4 days. By the end we sort of ran ourselves into the ground. But it was fun, it’s always a good time out there.

> Did you get to any shows or was it all business?
TF: No we got to see some shows. I caught Nas and Damian Marley. That was probably the best show which is too bad because [SXSW is] supposed to be a new music festival. I don’t know did [Dylan] see anything good?
DR: I saw Washed Out and I love the record but the performance wasn’t that super. I also saw Tony Castles and Das Racist, our friends who were great.

‘Be nice to the local sound guy or he’ll make you sound like shit.’

> You’ve been on the road for how long, like all year?
Both: No like 5 weeks.
TF: We’ve been in and out of places over the past year, sure. But not the year full through.

> A friend of mine saw you at Bowery Ballroom with Passion Pit last summer and said you made everyone sit down, what was that about?
TF: Dylan’s power trip. [all laugh]
DR: I think it was just a quiet song or something, I just wanted to change the mood and give everyone a break before they started dancing.

> What tips would you give other bands as far as touring goes, what to do, what not to do?
DR: Be nice to the local sound guy or he’ll make you sound like shit. That’s good advice.  Sleep in the van, save your money.

‘We’re doing an all theme park tour. We’re going to Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Disney World, MGM Studios…’

> Along with touring, is there anything you’re looking forward to for the remainder of the year? Specific tour dates, the album?
TF: We recorded an album that we’re just finishing up mixing. We started recording last summer so we’re all itching to get it done and get it released. That’s kind of the biggest thing we’re looking forward to. And the whole tour that’s coming up with Passion Pit and As Tall As Lions. There are also some places we’ve never been.
DR: We’re going to Disney World.

> You’re playing Disney World?
TF: We’re playing some coasters…

DR: We’re doing an all theme park tour. We’re going to Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Disney World, MGM Studios…

> Hershey Park…
DR: Universal Studios, Epcot Center, Euro Disney, Japan Disney…
TF: Those should be fun

> So what can you tell me about the album?
TF: We can’t decide on a name –
DR: That’s for one thing.
TF: We made it with this guy called Chuck Brody who has a studio in Manhattan on 25th Street and we used samplers for the first time.

> When should we expect for it to be released?
DR: By the end of summer.
TF: End of summer, yeah

Stream: Bear Hands – What a Drag (Cale Parks Remix) 

Stream: Bear Hands – Golden

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